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Belgium electronic id will be merged with MSN

The Dutch ICT newswebsite WebWereld talks about the way chatrooms will be made safer for children. In the future chatrooms can only be accessed when you have a smartcard that allows checks like calculating the age of identities. These smartcards will handed out to all people older then 12 in Belgium before 2009. They also allow stuff like e-mail signing and other PKI like activitities. I’ve heard that it is also possible to use the smartcard for tax related things and that these most e-government applications are webbased to allow easy access for Belgium citizens.

In Holland alot of jokes are made about our southern friends but these thing are good initiatives! I hope this is a inspiration for a lot of other countries. Not only to make the internet safer but also to make e-government really work!

So if you can read Dutch then follow the like specified at the source.

Redlight district in your development room

Just read Craigs blog at pluralsight and noticed this excellent feature they build. The status of their buildprocess is automated to some light bulbs. This is very cool. The only thing lacking is a big noisy siren attached to a faulty build and a soundprocessor playing the typical one armed bandit jackpot sound where you hear a lot of coins coming down. Or even a feature where the build is done just before office closing hours so a fault build is attached to the slidingdoors so you cannot leave the office when the build is broken. Don’t know if I would want to be part of such a project though.

Build status with the X10 system and Cruisecontrol.NET


January 30, 2005 / No Comments on Introduction

Foto Ramon SmitsI think that I am the first non LogicaCMG blogger at But non the less I think I can make a good contribution for the content at this site.

My name is Ramon and my sofware development days started all the way back at around 1985 where my dear mom bought a Sony HB-F9P for me. This little machine was a MSX2. I had a friend that wrote some funny things in basic and that really was fascinating. I started programming and learned MSX Basic.

After a couple of years the ultimate machine ever build found it’s way in to my bedroom. This was (ofcourse) an Amiga 500. This was the first machine where I programmed c. But not until I programmed in Amos and Amos Pro.

I met Dennis and we competed a bit at school programming activities. We wrote all stuff in Turbo Pascal and eventually mixed it with some inline assembler. The programs we had to develop were like “Hello world” but we made it with own made inputcontrols, windows, sounds, intro’s, about screens, easter eggs. We also learned c++ at school but I cannot really remember the teachers name. Maybe Dennis can help me out.

Then Dennis started working and I continued school. This is where I continued learning c++ and Java and also learned Cold Fusion and ASP at a company where I worked for my internship. My first webapplication was a warplanner. We played Quakeworld a lot and competed againt other clans. The warplanner had all contact information for our clan members. Clanwars would be entered and clanmembers received an e-mail to confirm his present. If enough players confirmed then our opponent received a confirmation. So the application was really usefull at that time and definitaly one of the first of its kind.

Now I work for a company called InfoSupport for more then 5 years. I am a .net software developer for quite some years now an try to keep up-to-date with content from the world wide rss feeds. All interesting software that Microsoft produces is available at InfoSupport thus I can easily play around with cool new applications like for example Visual Studio 2005 Team System. But enough about InfoSupport because this introduction should be about me.

Some of the well known companies I worked for were Philips Lighting, KPMG, Vecozo and PGGM. I currently work at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I also like sport I play volleyball about two and do fitness three times a week. So not really a lot of spare time when I am at home. Don’t expect very frequent posts from me. My interests are wide and I like all sorts of development related things like languages, environments, xml, databases, design, networking, security, etc.

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