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Experimenting with the rtm stuff (update)

Now that the RTM versions are released all developers are really looking into it’s new features. I ofcourse already experimented with the language features but I didn’t really build usefull applications. That will change ASAP if someone would ask me for my opinion (which I doubt…).

So what kind of stuff are interesting to do? I currently want to port my continous integrations environment from

  mono/.net1.1 + nant + + svn


  .net 2.0 + msbuild + + svn

So any people that already configured such an environment?

So I hope that it won’t be that hard to port. This way I get to know msbuild a bit because thats something I didn’t really look into yet. The same for sql2005 which has enough new features to be busy for hours the couple of weeks.

I just read that TestDriven.NET has a new version with RTM support and that the new version also works with the express editions. This is really excellent news when you only want to use free tooling to keep costs down. Not only TDD but DotNetNuke (DNN) is now also available in a version that can be used with 2.0 RTM. I feel I will be quite busy tonight installing the new bits.

Assembly 2005 demo compo

I wonder what is wrong with Dennis I think he’s ill or something coz usually he’s first with watching demos :-). But no post about Assembly 2005 so that gives me the honor to blog about it. Assembly 2005 was some weeks ago and years ago Dennis, Elias and I wanted to attend it because we shared a passion about watching demos and trying to understand the (mostly real-time) effects that were used. I don’t really spend that much time anymore watching demos but Assembly was the mother of all demo parties but the releases let me down the last couple of years.
This year is different! I downloaded some demos too bad that most 64k demos didn’t run on my machine but the normal demo did work and I watched the following:

Don’t Stop by Portal Process

Don’t Stop didn’t really inspired me. It was like watching those releases the last couple of years that showed the world what a wonderfull 3D Studio player they made. The demo song begins quite snappy but it failed to keep that feeling till the end.

Instant Zen by Synesthetics

Instant Zen was better then Don’t Stop. It had a nice song synchronized to the effects and has many different scenes unlike Don’t Stop. It doesn’t really uses shaders to make it more look like a development effort but the scenes are good. Only thing I didn’t really like is the end. Seems like the streched those scenes to let is the demo end at the same time as the song.

Iconoclast by ASD

Then last but not least Iconoclast. A very nice demo indeed and ASD is a group I will certainly will remember when browsing future demo releases. A lot a scenes that differ and with very good transitions as well. The music is ok too and with the same variantion as the scenes. A very good release and it reminded me back to the days I really enjoyed watching demos. Maybe it is because it refers to some demos in a scene. The scenes I recognized are the bouncing ball on a checkered board from 2nd Reality by the Future Crew and a scene from Stars by Nooon (the start I think) where they did the smart mirroring trick to fool the viewer that it had thousands of faces more. Don’t know if it is coincidence but both these demos are former Assembly winners too. The scene I liked most from Iconoclast is the one with the ‘water cubes’ with the sharks etcetera.

So Dennis, Elias and Erno download atleast Iconoclast ­čÖé

For those that didn’t attend "Monaco aan de Maas"

Today is an historical day for Rotterdam. Formula-1 cars drove at high pace through the streets of Rotterdam and I as a speed and formula-1 freak had to attend this event and brought my videocamera with me. I had to blog about this event after my collegue Bert Ertman posted about his love for the Nürburgring which is better known as the Nordschleife (which I share b.t.w.).

Monaco aan de Maas - Minardi F1 demo
(Click image to download video)

It really was a magnificent demonstration that Christijan Albers and Robert Doornbos gave us. Both are the main drivers at the moment the Minardi. You could inhale the rubber really well for optimal pleasure so you could leave the weed at home. For those that could not attend this. Just click on the image to download a small video I cut with only the demo from Christijan.

If the video stutters or stalls then download a decent player like Media Player Classic.

IFilter to the rescue

I’ve used a couple of indexing applications in the past but I stick to MSN Desktop Search at the moment. The reason is simple and that is the availability of additional indexing plugins in the form of IFilters. IFIlters are com components that MSN Desktop Search can use to index other file types. The really interesting thing is that IFilters were already available for SQL server and Windows Indexing Service which ofcourse are tightly coupled.

My current additional set of filters scans for .pdf, .chm, .rar, .cab and .rtf and most originated from Citeknet. The pdf IFilter is from Adobe and the rtf from Microsoft.

Some file extensions are excluded from indexing which could be interesting for developers. So I suggest you to remove then from the exclusion textbox.

    .exe, .ini, .log, .manifest, .ocx

I added the following extensions myself

    .build, .config, .diz, .nfo, .proj, .string, .sln, .sql, .xhtml, .xsd, .vmc

MSN Desktop Search indexes xml files as text so you can’t add extensions at the moment for xml content. The current indexing engine does not do a very good job with xml content. I hope that they will improve this.

Does anybody know of filters that can index the following information:

    (all) = All files indexed for their calculated CRC32 so you can find dupes much easier
    .vhd = VirtualPC harddisk files
    .iso (and related) = CD/DVD images

Personal : Developers ABC

Below is my developers ABC that I just made. The list is made without much thinking but there are some interesting things to notice. I didn’t came up with any Microsoft related words except c# and I cannot think of any word that begins with either the letter Y or Z.

Agile, Assembler, Architecture, Adress
Beta, B-Tree
C#, C++, COM, Compiler
Design, DCOM, Disassembler
Functional requirements
Graphics, Gentoo
Java, JIT
Lisp, Listener
New (keyword)
Pointer, Pascal
Requirements, RUP, Reference, Repository
SOAP, Syntax
Technical design
Vector, Versioning
WiX, W3C
XPath, XML

My software list

Once in a while I need to reinstall a development machine and last weekend I did a reinstall of my work pc at home. I thought that It could be interesting for some people to see what kind of software I have installed at most systems that I work on. The list comes from an excel sheet on my memory stick so it wasn’t really that much trouble to post it here. It is one of the few things that I have organized in my life.

Vendor Application Category
Microsoft .NET Framework SDK Software development
Sysinternals Access Enumerator Administrator Tool
Adobe Adobe Reader Office Advanced Unit Testing (AUT) Software development
Sysinternals Autoruns Administrator Tool
Sysinternals Background Info Administrator Tool
Microsoft BizTalk
Buzzsaw Filemanagement
Microsoft Cleartype tuner Customization
CodeSmith Software development
CruiseControl.NET Software development
Daemon Tools Filemanagement
Sysinternals DebugVIew Software development
DIRMS Filemanagement
Sysinternals Disk Monitor Administrator Tool
Dotnetmock Software development
Eclipse Software development
Enterprise Architect Software development
Eraser Filemanagement
Sysinternals File Monitor Administrator Tool
Mozilla FireFox Internet
FxCop Software development
Ghostdoc Software development
Microsoft HTML Help workshop Editor
Icon Sushi Graphics
Kaspersky Kaspersky Antivirus
LCISOCreator Filemanagement
log4net Software development
Enriva Magellan Explorer Filemanagement
Maxthon Internet
mbUnit Software development
Microsoft Microsoft .NET Framework
Microsoft Microsoft Office Office
Microsoft Microsoft Sharepoint Portal
Microsoft Microsoft SQL Server Database
Microsoft Microsoft Virtual PC
Microsoft Microsoft Visio Software development
Microsoft Microsoft Visual Studio Software development
Microsoft MSDN Library
Microsoft MSN Desktop Search Filemanagement
MyGeneration Software development
Nant Software development
nantcontrib Software development
nCover Software development
nLite Administrator Tool
Nmock Software development
nUnit Software development
Oxygen Editor
Paint.NET Graphics
PDFCreator Office
PerfectDisk Filemanagement
Microsoft Powertoy Calculator Accessory
Sysinternals Process Explorer Administrator Tool
Rational Rational Rose Software development
Reflector Software development
Jetbrains Resharper Software development
Servant Salamander Filemanagement
Sysinternals Share Enumerator Administrator Tool
SharpDevelop Software development
SmartFTP Internet
SnippetCompiler Software development
Microsoft SourceSafe Sourcecontrol
sourceSafe usermanager Software development Subversion Sourcecontrol
Testdriven.NET Software development TortoiseSVN Sourcecontrol
Total Commander Filemanagement
Microsoft TweakUI Customization
Microsoft Windows 2003 Adminpack Administrator Tool
Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services
WinHex Editor
RARLabs WinRAR Filemanagement

So if you have some tools that aren’t mentioned in my list that please post in your reaction. The more cool tools I have the better.

Article : ipv6 tunnel xs4all windows 2003 (dutch)

It seems that community server has support for articles so I decided to post an old article of mine about how to configure an ipv6 tunnel. The article was written with the xs4all as ISP and tunnel broker. These days I as SiXXS  for my ipv6 connectivity but nevertheless an interesting article. Especially when you want to configure ipv6 routing. The only thing is that it is writen in dutch.

Article : ipv6 tunnel xs4all windows 2003 (dutch)

Weird thing is that I don’t see the articles mentioned anywhere. So it seems I had to add a blogitem to refer to the article thus this post.

BizTalk WSE2 adapter

A very big disappointment is the BizTalk WSE2 (whizzy two) adapter. When I read WSE2 somewhere I think about transport independancy (SMTP, MSMQ, TCP), WS-Security, WS-Policy and WS-Addressing. The BizTalk adapter only knows about WS-Security and WS-Policy. It (BizTalk wizard) insists the usage of the http (or https) transports because of validation rules. Maybe it is possible to just change the URI somewhere in a configuration file but I ain’t a BizTalk expert (yet!).

The reason I was trying out the adapter is because we depend heavily on MSMQ on our current project. We wanted to do soap over msmq and use WS-Addressing but BTS is not really suited for this. Ofcourse it is possible to read the soap message from the message queue but you will have to do lots of things in orchestration to improve productivity. Our current (obvious) alternative is xml over msmq.

I am not satisfied with this so I’ll just have to dive in to BTS to see what is under the hood to make it do what I want and it that won’t work I’ll point a gun at it and make it dance for me ­čÖé

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