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Enso is now part of my must have list

First of all what is Enso? Enso is an application launcher and utility tool that uses the selected text as input and replaces it with its output (if necessary). Its a bit of a descriptive one liner and I think its better to navigate to the humanized website and look-up what it is about.

I am now using it for almost one week and it really is a must have tool that I now using each and every day. Its that fast and intuitive that I feel that its productive. The whole select text and perform action approach that it uses is just too brilliant that you really get the feeling like “Why didn’t we have such a tool years ago?”.

Nevermind.. just try it for a few days. You will definately keep it installed. If you are a keyboard fanatic that is.


Modifying NTFS file security with fileacl.exe

Till now I normally used the cacls command on the commandline for modifying ntfs file permissions. I always used the /E /T /G switches but soon found out that this does a recursive change on all folders/files and doesn’t use the inheritance flag. Normally not really a big problem but updating the security descriptors on a large directory tree takes time. Too much time if you ask me and so my search for a better alternative was started. I quickly found references to xcacls.vbs / xcacle.exe . These seem to fix inheritance related issues that cacls cannot do.

But I found a tool that is much easier to use these and that is fileacl.exe. When adding permissions to a folder then underlying files and folder will inherit these by default which is what you normally would want to. The syntax is also somewhat better and also provides some advanced enhancements.

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