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TortoiseSVN Subversion error " is not a working copy"

Today I got the following Subversion message via TortoiseSVN while I wanted to commit some changes.

is not a working copy

It took me a while to figure this out but it has to do with the fact that I subst the root of the branch to my S: drive. When I went to my user folder (c:usersramonsrc*) and performed a commit it just worked as expected.

The reason for the substition is that when I compile the sources that the S: drive paths are embedded into the PDB files. When another developer then attaches the debugger to any of the applications then he only needs to have the same substitution to find all source code files. Besides that, it doesn’t matter on which project I work on and no matter which drive or folder the paths stay the same. This is especially usefull as I am a console and keyboard junkie.

Subversion troubles "PROPFIND request failed on ‘***’ ‘***’ path not found"

I created a repository at today for the website I created with a friend for the volleybal club. We really needed version control because we are both working on the project at the moment plus that I really don’t like all those *.old *.old2 *.old3 files hanging around ­čÖé

So I committed the various data of the project to the subversion repository and after that wanted to branch it to identify the site that is currently live. I started the command prompt and use the svn copy action to tag the current development branch.

svn copy
https://*/yumwebsite/branches/v0 -m “Version 0”
After running the command it failed with the following output:

svn: PROPFIND request failed on ‘/yumwebsite/!svn/bc/2/branches’
svn: ‘/yumwebsite/!svn/bc/2/branches’ path not found
My first thought was that the was at fault but quickly I realised that wasn’t the case. So started googling what I was doing from. The problem was that the folder ‘branches’ really did not exist just as the error said. But somehow I blocked that error message in its exact form. So after adding the branches folder the the project root the copy action ran error free. The stupid thing is that I had the same behaviour a while ago. So I decided to post this for my own convenience in case I forget it again.

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