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You want C:Users on XP too? Read here how

At both home and work I use Vista and XP resulting me typing “C:Users” in XP and “C:Documents and Settings” in Vista which – of course – don’t work. You cannot really change those paths except when you install Vista or XP with the pre configuration tool.

But there is a solution!

Both Vista and XP can access NTFS volumes and the NTFS format has support for hardlinks. XP and 2003 do not have native support for all these NTFS features and you normally need a resourcekit tool to create such entries. The Link Shell Extension adds all support for these NTFS features to the Windows Explorer in XP, 2003 and Vista.

  1. Install the Link Shell Extension
  2. Navigate to “C:”
  3. Create a Junction from “C:Documents and Settings” to “C:Users” on XP and a Junction from “C:Users” to “C:Documents and Settings” on Vista

And Presto! I now have access to “C:Users” on XP which is a delight.

This tool is also very useful when you manage an FTP server on Windows so you can put a large file in multiple paths while only have one hardcopy on disk (in this case create a hard or symbolic link).

Modifying NTFS file security with fileacl.exe

Till now I normally used the cacls command on the commandline for modifying ntfs file permissions. I always used the /E /T /G switches but soon found out that this does a recursive change on all folders/files and doesn’t use the inheritance flag. Normally not really a big problem but updating the security descriptors on a large directory tree takes time. Too much time if you ask me and so my search for a better alternative was started. I quickly found references to xcacls.vbs / xcacle.exe . These seem to fix inheritance related issues that cacls cannot do.

But I found a tool that is much easier to use these and that is fileacl.exe. When adding permissions to a folder then underlying files and folder will inherit these by default which is what you normally would want to. The syntax is also somewhat better and also provides some advanced enhancements.

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