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Windows 7 midi

My midi hardware it working nice in my DAW home studio but today I noticed that I do not have the ability to change the default midi out device in Windows 7. After googling around it seems that this was also the case in Windows Vista. But luckily there are options to configure the default out device!

The first that I found was the Windows Vista MIDI Mapper control panel and minutes later the Vista MIDI fix. The control panel application fixed my problem but only lists hardware midi stuff like my MIDI USB keyboards and the hardware midi output of my Creative card as the Vista MIDI fix application lists more midi out options but I haven’ not tested those yet.

Both applications run without any problems here on my Windows 7 RC x64 installation.

OT: Yamaha KX8 – My new DAW addition

In my free time I often play some notes on my E-MU X-Board 61. It has 16 controllers, direct patch select and 4 zones that can be layered. But yesterday I bought a new board. The Yamaha KX8 with has 88 weighted keys, just 4 controllers but they are digital and can be set with midi in which cannot be done with the X-Board.

The feel is really excellent especially for its price. I was comparing it with the Fatar/Studiologic SL990 XP/PRO, the CME UF80 and the M-Audio keystation 88 pro. If you are searching for a nice weighted board with loads of controllers then the keystation is the winner but it makes quite some noise and the feel doesn’t even come close to a real piano. The CME UF8 is also a very nice board but makes even more noise but has a much better piano feel.

The Yamaha KX8 won because:

  • Has a very good piano feel for its price
  • Its an Yamaha and they create quality digital piano’s so they know how a keybed should feel.
  • Has a black finish instead of the silver/aluminum
  • It is silent

I nice picture of the board in my computer room:

Yamaha KX8 past net

As you see there isn’t a lot of room left.

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