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OT: Yamaha KX8 – My new DAW addition

In my free time I often play some notes on my E-MU X-Board 61. It has 16 controllers, direct patch select and 4 zones that can be layered. But yesterday I bought a new board. The Yamaha KX8 with has 88 weighted keys, just 4 controllers but they are digital and can be set with midi in which cannot be done with the X-Board.

The feel is really excellent especially for its price. I was comparing it with the Fatar/Studiologic SL990 XP/PRO, the CME UF80 and the M-Audio keystation 88 pro. If you are searching for a nice weighted board with loads of controllers then the keystation is the winner but it makes quite some noise and the feel doesn’t even come close to a real piano. The CME UF8 is also a very nice board but makes even more noise but has a much better piano feel.

The Yamaha KX8 won because:

  • Has a very good piano feel for its price
  • Its an Yamaha and they create quality digital piano’s so they know how a keybed should feel.
  • Has a black finish instead of the silver/aluminum
  • It is silent

I nice picture of the board in my computer room:

Yamaha KX8 past net

As you see there isn’t a lot of room left.

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