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git-tfs differences between checkin, rcheckin and checkintool (ct)

I am using git-tfs for a couple of weeks now and had some issues with it that using the checkintool results in one tfs changeset that combines all previous commits. This can often be usefull but in my case I would like to push all individual local git commits seperately to tfs. This is exactly what rcheckin does and this way your git commit history is mirrored to tfs. As a reminder:

git tfs checkin

Performs one commit containing all previous commits where either the default commit message can be used (concatenation of all git commit comments) or a new custom comment.

git tfs checkintool

Same as git tfs checkin but now you can easily change which changed files to commit via the TFS checkin dialog. It shows the concatenation of all git commit comments to use as a commit comment but can easily altered in the gui.

git tfs rcheckin

Commits each previous git commit to tfs and reusing the git comment for each commit.

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