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Browsrcamp helps testing your design with Safari

Today I was reading the website statistics with Google Analytics. It shows that about 2,5% of our visits come from Safari. I only tested our design with Internet Explorer and Firefox and it looks great on those browsers.

I remembered a website which could do a page request, render the results in Safari and present it to you as a jpeg. I googled for test safari and the first hit that showed up was Browsrcamp. Really an excellent developer tool if you don’t have access to a mac with osx.

Website design not my favorite hobby

Although I am an ict nerd and resulting affection for bitfucking and neverending refactoring I also do some sports. I play volleyball and the current website of my volleybal club yum lacks some general design that works correct on both firefox and internet explorer. I’m a member of this club for some years now and I didn’t like the design from the start. So while a friend said he was working in his spare time with a redesign of the website internals I proposed to help out. I don’t know why I said that because now I’m screwed 🙂

My main objectives for the site are:

  • No tables for the websites design.
  • Crossbrowser.
  • Not too much graphics.
  • No frames.
  • XHTML proof
  • CSS validation proof

So I made a design by hand with my *excellent* css and crossbrowser knowledge (%$*@ crossbrowser makes me insane!) and within a few hours I had a design I could live with as a first draft for reviewing. I ofcourse lied a bit about my css knowledge as I”m a ‘back-end boy’. I like to play with photoshop but really lack the skills of creating a good gui or website design. The current version looks quite ok if you don’t mind that I judge my own work. Below some WIP screenshots of the design.

Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Version 4

Below the proof that my website is non CSS friendly.

Version 4

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