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Google Chrome ‘Paste and go’

Google Chrome Paste and goI already love all those nice little details in for example gmail but I just discovered a nice feature in Google Chrome. When you have an url on your clipboard that you want to paste in the address bar you just right click it and then this popup context menu appears.


There you have the ‘Paste and go’ option! I tried this in Firefox and Internet Explorer but not Safari and Opera but I think Chrome is the first with such an option.

Browsrcamp helps testing your design with Safari

Today I was reading the website statistics with Google Analytics. It shows that about 2,5% of our visits come from Safari. I only tested our design with Internet Explorer and Firefox and it looks great on those browsers.

I remembered a website which could do a page request, render the results in Safari and present it to you as a jpeg. I googled for test safari and the first hit that showed up was Browsrcamp. Really an excellent developer tool if you don’t have access to a mac with osx.

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