DAW: Multiple ASIO devices

By ramon
April 11, 2009

I have bought the Samson C03U USB microphone and after plugging it into an available USB port it worked immediately. I then wanted to use it from any of my sequencers (Cubase AI and FLStudio) but only to find out that neither can use multiple ASIO devices simultaneously. Not that difficult to understand as probably only one ASIO device can be active at a time and for that you get low latency audio out/in in return. I also saw an ASIO DirectX Full Duplex driver. Probably a ASIO host that delegates to direct sound. Had not seen that before so I selected it and there I could select the audio devices that I wanted to make available and it worked! I could use my Creative X-FI Extreme Gamer for audio out and my Samson C03U for audio in. The only big problem is that I had lots of latency. After tweaking it I found out that I could lower the buffersize to 512 samples  instead of the default 2048 which decreased the latency but it is still not very enjoyable to listen live to the incoming audio.

I remembered that I had used ASIO4ALL a long time ago when I didn’t had ASIO drivers for my onboard sound. ASIO4ALL is similar to the Directsound ASIO provider in configuration but in ASIO4ALL I could lower the buffer sizes to 64 samples which reduced the latency to acceptable levels to listen to the incoming audio. A few clicks occur in the out so I increased that to 96 samples.

I think that I have lower latency using the ASIO4ALL drivers instead of the drivers from Creative.

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