Just bought : Creative Zen Stone

By ramon

I was browsing the internet for a couple of small mp3 players. There is ofcourse the Apple brand with several players. But I have something againts Apple behaviour towards their audio stuff. So my primary requirements were:

  • Volume adjustable
  • Must be recognized as a portable drive
  • Screen is not necessary as I want to use it for running
  • At least 2GB
  • Must support mp3, wma
  • Should be small and be able to strap it around my arm or clip it
  • It should not cost more the 50 EUR.
  • Should not a a weird design

Ogg support would also be a good plus aswell as good earphones but I’ve never seen a review out of the box player with good earphones.

So that got me this list:

  • Samsung YP-S2 2GB
  • Creative ZEN Stone 2GB (also available as Plus)
  • Philips SA2820

Not that big..

Some thoughts about the list:

  • I was hoping that an Cowon iAudio made it to the list as these are known for their excellent low noise output.I was hoping that an Cowon iAudio made it to the list as these are known for their excellent low noise output.
  • Both the Samsung and the Philips do not have a clip which the Creative has with a silicon skin where a clip is attached.
  • The Samsung is the only one with ogg support.
  • The Creative is the cheapest.
  • Creative has a bracelet as an accessory for the Zen stone.

I finally decided to buy the Creative Zen Stone 2GB with the bracelet.

It got delivered yesterday and

  • It charged quit fast
  • Starts fast enough but it does a pop
  • The usb speed is good enough
  • I plugged in my Sennheiser headset to compare some low/hi bitrate mp3’s and the difference between VBR ~128kbps and ~250kbps was very noticable
  • The bracelet can stretch and is long enough to even put it around my neck!
  • The Zen Stone 2GB – by default – seems to have a small builtin speaker.

So toninght my first run with the stone 😉

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  1. Ramon Smits says:

    I didn’t install or use the supplied software. I launch Foobar and transcode to a lower bitrate or just copy from my music library to the Zen Stone drive. I really don’t know what the software does. I think it does transcoding and cd ripping. I use EAC for cd ripping and Foobar 2000 works really easy for transcoding in combination with the lame codec.

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