Help! I’ve been tagged by Edward ;-)

By ramon
January 8, 2007

I was hoping that I wouldn’t get tagged because that would mean I would have to think about what to write. But this tagging thingie is really going fast and Edward passed on the tag! So here it goes!

  • My mom gave me a MSX2 HB-F9P. It was a MSX2 but it lacked a diskdrive. I was 10 years old I think and started programming quite soon after purchase. This was because MSX magazine had all those nice listings with funny applications.

    My first application was ‘Testbeeld’ which drawed the screen showed to dutch users when the dutch television didn’t aired programs. Then I wanted to create a game and it was a pacman clone. I got a Amiga500 with kickstart 1.2 after my MSX2, an Amiga HDTV. This period still gives me nostalgic feelings. It was where I got obsessed by the graphical powers of the Amiga that were showed in all kinds of demos. Its the period where I created my first c application in SAS. But I didn’t really liked it. I preferred Amos Pro which has really easy and I created all sorts of nice graphical effects. It was on the PC platform were I really learned programming by challenging Dennis at school with who made the best ‘calculator’ with all kinds of bells and whistles that did not really had anything to do with the programming assignment that our teacher gave us. This is where I learned programming in Pascal, x86 assembler and c++. By the way.. I still have some MSX(2) computers at home to play classics.

  • I have an Yamaha YZF-R1 ’02 and I must be honest that I sometimes ride like a mad men. I get a real kick out of it and am obsessed with accelleration and manouverability of a sportsbike. I like stunting a bit like doing quite good wheelies and rolling burn-outs but my stoppies arent that good because I’m afraid that I will fall and crash my bike.
  • I play volleyball and like the team spirit and friendship that it brings. My length is 1.98 and that gives good advantages in this sport ;). I also try to keep in shape and walk, cycle and run a lot. I will attend the marathon of Rotterdam if my running condition will get somewhat better. I will do the half marathon then.
  • My current life still allows me to do go out on a frequent basis. I like to go to clubs, concerts, holidays, the beach, saunas, karting, scuba diving, (movie) theaters, bars (to play pool) and play poker (with whisky and sigars). As long as it is with some good friends and have some fun. My preferred drinks are whisky, beer, tequila and martini.
  • I life in Rotterdam / The Netherlands which is a quite a big city in Holland which is heavily inspired by the german luftwaffe in WO-II.
  • I currently don’t have a girlfriend and I don’t have any kids. My dad lives in the Czech Republic, my sister lives in San Francisco and my mother (unfortunately) passed a way some years ago. So I don’t see family members that often. So I have loads of sparetime to do all kinds of activities. I also like reading books especially sciencefiction and thriller related.

I would like to tag : Frank Bakker, Erno de Weerd and Guido van Loon. All other persons that I know in real life or/and have a blog that I read frequently (Dennis, Frans, Edward) are already tagged. I would like to tag more IT friends but they don’t have blogs 😉

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