VS2005: Solution to ‘Where is that damn exception dialog?’

By ramon
November 27, 2006

Today I had a very annoying issue. I was debugging an application on an VS2005 instance of a computer that I did not prepare / installed myself. I wanted the “break on all exceptions” behaviour in the debugger. Normally you just go to the menu and select Debug -> Exceptions. But I was quite surprised that the Exception dialog menu item wasn’t available. Luckely the shortcut key CTRL+E still worked and I was able to continue debugging.

But I still wanted to know why the option was not available so after brainstorming I thought that it should be the IDE customization. I wanted to see if it was caused by the ‘default’ view in this instance and went to Tools -> Import and export settings. It was indeed the view because it stated Business intelligence settings. It was probably caused by the SQL2005 installation.

But that’s not all! The behaviour of the VS2005 Exception dialog differs with VS2003. In VS2003 you can make a selection of exceptions on which the debugger should break. But sometimes you want to just do a few runs in ‘break on all exceptions’ mode and then return to the ‘normal’ settings. This is possible in VS2003 but not in VS2005!

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