Weird php session behaviour

By ramon
October 27, 2006

I am creating a nice webapplication for my volleybal club and it is progressing nice. Yesterday I deployed a new version on the server and experienced weird php session behaviour. Although I am primarily developing in .net I really love experimenting with other environments I really had to post this here.

The application worked perfect on my local dev box. A nice vmware windows 2003 install with xampp installed. The isp server is running linux. It seemed that there was a difference in some php settings. The setting that was causing havoc was “register_globals”. Well knowing which settings was incorrect didn’t bring the solution in sight. How was I able to alter it? Well it seemed that this was possible by altering the “.htaccess” file in the root of the application. I added the following line:

	php_flag register_globals 0

And now it is working perfect! Hooray!

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  1. John Hansen says:

    Thank you so much! This saved me a MAJOR headache here at work.

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