Subversion troubles "PROPFIND request failed on ‘***’ ‘***’ path not found"

By ramon
September 26, 2006

I created a repository at today for the website I created with a friend for the volleybal club. We really needed version control because we are both working on the project at the moment plus that I really don’t like all those *.old *.old2 *.old3 files hanging around 🙂

So I committed the various data of the project to the subversion repository and after that wanted to branch it to identify the site that is currently live. I started the command prompt and use the svn copy action to tag the current development branch.

svn copy
https://*/yumwebsite/branches/v0 -m “Version 0”
After running the command it failed with the following output:

svn: PROPFIND request failed on ‘/yumwebsite/!svn/bc/2/branches’
svn: ‘/yumwebsite/!svn/bc/2/branches’ path not found
My first thought was that the was at fault but quickly I realised that wasn’t the case. So started googling what I was doing from. The problem was that the folder ‘branches’ really did not exist just as the error said. But somehow I blocked that error message in its exact form. So after adding the branches folder the the project root the copy action ran error free. The stupid thing is that I had the same behaviour a while ago. So I decided to post this for my own convenience in case I forget it again.

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  1. Ramon Smits says:

    Well I think that would really be a good enhancement but didn’t think of issueing it as an enhancement.

    Will do that if somebody else hasn’t already submitted it 🙂

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