Failed for 70-300 exam

By ramon
August 18, 2006

I failed for the Microsoft 70-300 examen this afternoon. I am disappointed in the result because I expected to pass. When I saw the score it felt very weird to see I had failed. I really don’t have a clue which questions I did wrong…. so it is almost impossible to improve my knowledge for the next attemp.

The exam had three cases and each case had eleven questions. The cases itself were very easy and were interviews of people in a certain role.

The hardest part in this exam was the english language I think. I had several questions that I could anwser but I just didn’t see the (multiple) options I expected. I chatted with some collegues afterwards and that told me that had the exact same problem and succeeded at the second attemp without studying just by getting other cases.

Too bad I did not have the time to give it a second go :-). I started at 13:00 and was finished two hours later. Too late for our office hours.

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