Game studio express and XNA

By ramon

Yesterday I posted about a news scoop at Ars-Technica referring Game studio express. Microsoft already posted a press bulletin about this at their site (here). But I wasn’t aware of this.

Rob Tillie mentioned in the comments that he doesn’t think that this is the successor.

I don’t think it has anything todo with KPL, it’s just VS with a couple of addons, so I guess we can write our new block buster xbox 360 game (which runs fine too on vista) in C# 🙂

Well this is sort of the mission statement that the KPL team had when they were thinking about the next version because the current KPL is too restricted in it’s IDE when you want to take it a step further.

XNA brings xbox360 technology available on XP(+) and in a managed way. Previously we had Managed DirectX on top of DirectX but this isn’t really supported anymore AFAIK. We cannot use it for xbox360 development either because it lacks the xbox feature set. Although you could argue for hours about this :-).

So now we have XNA! A neat and nice managed environment but we don’t have the support from it from within Visual Studio. So Microsoft developed an extension called ‘Game Studio Express’ and not only does it support XNA it seemes that it also comes with some cool tooling like a modeller (why else would Autodesk be part of this). My guess is that is also has the nice high-level framework just like the KPL has to create tile based (horizontal/vertical scrollers) and (as Dennis said) simple 3d games with build-in physics which can be seen at the XNA Team Blog. The example at their site shows some sort of Marble Madness (a mid 80’s game classis) on steriods.

So I will download the bits on august 30 because the beta will then be available according the press item.

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