Windows Live Messenger

By ramon
June 21, 2006

Windows Live Messenger is now available as a public release. But I really don’t like a lot of things like:

  • The new interface takes up yet more screen estate and doesn’t look good in Vista.
  • The contactlist margins are bigger then the previous lay-out.
  • In the previous version you had the option to see all the users displaypictures in the contactlist.

Thing I do like are:

  • Offline messaging although ICQ had this since it’s first release.
  • Extended contact information like dob, names, spous info, etc. just like in outlook.

I got a msn8 invitation from Dennis some time ago and tried to use messenger plus! with msn8 but this didn’t work. An msn8 (live messenger) compatible version should have been release a week ago or something but it is now scheduled for this saturday. I hope that it will have all features from the previous msn 7.5 version and maybe even a couple of more cool extensions. I really like:

  • the auto-response
  • the (un)block a group
  • tabbed messaging
  • sound extensions
  • the /me switch
  • the word replacement filter
  • !IP
  • custom away messages.

Website : MessengerPlus (msn7.x)
Website : MessengerPlusLive (msn8)

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  1. Joris Arts says:

    Dennis, that’s what you get when you work with MS products all the time. You just get so used to the next next finish routine that you get puzzled by a sudden checkbox :-).

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