Vista beta 2 installation troubles

I downloaded the beta 2 iso of Vista and wanted it to install today. So I configured a new virtual machine in vmware and thought 8GB would be enough for installation. I booted the iso and did the usual installation stuff. But then the following message appeared:

"Setup was unable to locate a locally attached hard drive suitable for holding temporary Setup files".

WTF? My first thought was that Vista didn’t like the vmware scsi setup so reconfirured it with an ide setup but I got the same message. Then my eyes saw a nice message at the partition selection screen that said "8.1GB is recommended". So it seemed that Vista beta 2 needs at least that amount of storage for installation. I reconfigured the virtual machine again and gave it 16GB to play with and now it is installing! Hooray!.

But guess what? The message that said "8.1GB recommended" didn’t appear this time.

I just hope that Vista will run a bit under vmware. I’ll know after about an hour I think…..

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