Fun : A byte and an integer are sitting in a bar…..

Just received this from a collegue.

A byte and an integer are sitting in a bar showing off to a hot ArrayList.

They’re telling her stories about how cool they are, but she’s plainly bored. After a long time of this, the byte and the integer at last get the hint and leave.

A String who was sitting in the corner comes over and says to her, "hey – were those two primitive types giving you a hard time?"

She says, "Yes! I guess they’re nice enough, but well, they just had no class!"

I thought is was pretty funny.

NDepend 2.0 beta

I just received a notification that NDepend 2.0 beta is released by Patrick Smacchie. NDepend analyzes your dotnet 1.x assemblies and outputs a huge set of code metrics based on the IL. It can also create a nice dependancy chart of your assemblies where you can see the references to external (framework) assemblies.

This 2.0 version now has a nice gui ala WinDirStat with the name VisualNDepend . It visualizes the complexity of your assembly which looks pretty cool. It has a query language so you can easily create queries. For example to focus on certain aspects in your code that you want to improve for simplified maintenance or just refactoring.

Just take a look at the toolset! Is really deserves your attention 😉

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