Aldi aanbieding!

November 23, 2005 / 1 Comment on Aldi aanbieding!

Well this is ment for the dutch readers only but the ALDI supermarkets have a very good pc in stock for a lousy € 1089. If you can read dutch then click the folder below to read about the specs. I hope that a friend of mine can obtain one of those beasts for me today because I suspect that they will be out-of-stock soon.

To keep this post on topic for the mainfeed I just have to say that this system will probably run Visual Studio 2005 damn fine 😉

Passed for 070-315 and 070-320

Better late then never they say but I passed for two exams today. Today I did the Web Applications with c# 070-315 and XML Web Services and Server Components with c# 070-320 exams. I really don’t know if my scores are bad, normal or good.

Here are the copies.


I remember quite well to get some questions about deployment of websites and really haven’t done this a single time with VS.NET itself. Only did this with WiX until now on my personal buildserver. I also got alot of COM issues and .NET Remoting stuff with the XML Web Services and Server Components exam. I was lucky that I did alot of COM+ stuff in the VB6 days, so I could anwser most questions about roles and security.

Did pretty well I think. For when you would know that I only did some assesments yesterday at Microsoft Training site.

Over two weeks I will have the Developing Windows applications and the Security exam. I should become MCAD then and then only one tiny 300 exam from being MCSD. But then I will have to do some extra exam(s) to keep it for VS2005.


November 15, 2005 / No Comments on CruiseControl.NET

Well you have probably already read it at but just in case you didn’t read it between all those "my site is worth shit" posts. CruiseControl.NET 1.0 is released. CC.NET is such a small kick ass app that every .net project with a large component set or developerbase should use. Especially with the CC.NET tray application that notifies you of a broken build.

I thought that it would stay an RC just as nAnt 0.85 RC3 🙂

This is definitely on my list of top 10 must have developer tools.

Experimenting with the rtm stuff (update)

Now that the RTM versions are released all developers are really looking into it’s new features. I ofcourse already experimented with the language features but I didn’t really build usefull applications. That will change ASAP if someone would ask me for my opinion (which I doubt…).

So what kind of stuff are interesting to do? I currently want to port my continous integrations environment from

  mono/.net1.1 + nant + + svn


  .net 2.0 + msbuild + + svn

So any people that already configured such an environment?

So I hope that it won’t be that hard to port. This way I get to know msbuild a bit because thats something I didn’t really look into yet. The same for sql2005 which has enough new features to be busy for hours the couple of weeks.

I just read that TestDriven.NET has a new version with RTM support and that the new version also works with the express editions. This is really excellent news when you only want to use free tooling to keep costs down. Not only TDD but DotNetNuke (DNN) is now also available in a version that can be used with 2.0 RTM. I feel I will be quite busy tonight installing the new bits.

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