Assembly 2005 demo compo

By ramon
August 14, 2005

I wonder what is wrong with Dennis I think he’s ill or something coz usually he’s first with watching demos :-). But no post about Assembly 2005 so that gives me the honor to blog about it. Assembly 2005 was some weeks ago and years ago Dennis, Elias and I wanted to attend it because we shared a passion about watching demos and trying to understand the (mostly real-time) effects that were used. I don’t really spend that much time anymore watching demos but Assembly was the mother of all demo parties but the releases let me down the last couple of years.
This year is different! I downloaded some demos too bad that most 64k demos didn’t run on my machine but the normal demo did work and I watched the following:

Don’t Stop by Portal Process

Don’t Stop didn’t really inspired me. It was like watching those releases the last couple of years that showed the world what a wonderfull 3D Studio player they made. The demo song begins quite snappy but it failed to keep that feeling till the end.

Instant Zen by Synesthetics

Instant Zen was better then Don’t Stop. It had a nice song synchronized to the effects and has many different scenes unlike Don’t Stop. It doesn’t really uses shaders to make it more look like a development effort but the scenes are good. Only thing I didn’t really like is the end. Seems like the streched those scenes to let is the demo end at the same time as the song.

Iconoclast by ASD

Then last but not least Iconoclast. A very nice demo indeed and ASD is a group I will certainly will remember when browsing future demo releases. A lot a scenes that differ and with very good transitions as well. The music is ok too and with the same variantion as the scenes. A very good release and it reminded me back to the days I really enjoyed watching demos. Maybe it is because it refers to some demos in a scene. The scenes I recognized are the bouncing ball on a checkered board from 2nd Reality by the Future Crew and a scene from Stars by Nooon (the start I think) where they did the smart mirroring trick to fool the viewer that it had thousands of faces more. Don’t know if it is coincidence but both these demos are former Assembly winners too. The scene I liked most from Iconoclast is the one with the ‘water cubes’ with the sharks etcetera.

So Dennis, Elias and Erno download atleast Iconoclast 🙂

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  1. Elias Hermoso Illera says:

    Totally forgot to d/l and watch the demos, been much to busy playing Dungeon Siege 2!
    (It’s from Microsoft, so thats my excuse ;-))
    But I’ll check them soon!

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