SourceSafe Spy v0.4

By ramon
August 10, 2005

SourceSafe Spy version 0.4 is released and can be downloaded from the SourceSafe Spy article. The following list are the changes with version 0.3.

0.4 Public release

* Won’t loop at start anymore when the journal file can’t be opened because for example the drive was not mapped correctly or the network share was not available.
* Opacity is back! Now sets the correct controlstyles to reduce incorrect painting.
* Not referencing Genghis anymore. Only used Genghis for the popup. I’ve made changes to it so needed to recompile Genghis but decided to merge AniForm with SourceSafe Spy.
+ AniForm now fades in and out.
+ AniForm now ‘steps’ to the left when the popup stack gets higher then the screen.
+ Application now ask if you really want to quit when you press the close button. Should not show up when the user session is ending or when the user selects Exit from the menu.
* Popup now uses the systemcolors for a control background.
* Uses new version of Exyll general library. Fixes sound issue.
+ Labels are shortened. Uses the SmartLabel control in Exyll library. Code is based on code by Jan Schreuder from
+ Added support for multiple datetime formats. It seems that sourcesafe doesn’t log entries in one format. It depends on the regional settigns. Currently supports ‘d-MM-yy H:mm’ (NL) and ‘M-dd-yy h:mmt’ (US).


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