SourceSafe Spy screenshot

By ramon
August 10, 2005

A couple of collegues wanted to know what kind of popup you would get when SourceSafe Spy will notify you and with what information.
SourceSafe Spy popup

I think it is pretty cool but that’s because I’m a bit biased…

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  1. Ramon Smits says:

    @Robert : You are right about the many popups that could get on the screen. In the current dev tree I’ve already modified the code so that you only get a sound notification when there haven’t been notifications the last 5 seconds.

    I could ofcourse add the option to only display one popup to notify that the journal has changed. But then you would have to open the main window to see what changes occured. So that is not really usefull.

    About SVN… I use SVN as a repository for SourceSafe Spy.. 🙂 SVN is so much easier to work with then SourceSafe.

    In the next version I want to add a regex pattern matcher for the the resource string. This way you can get a notification for a piece of tree that has changed. This way you can see what CI’s are changed. This ofcourse will only work if you have well designed repository tree.

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