BizTalk WSE2 adapter

A very big disappointment is the BizTalk WSE2 (whizzy two) adapter. When I read WSE2 somewhere I think about transport independancy (SMTP, MSMQ, TCP), WS-Security, WS-Policy and WS-Addressing. The BizTalk adapter only knows about WS-Security and WS-Policy. It (BizTalk wizard) insists the usage of the http (or https) transports because of validation rules. Maybe it is possible to just change the URI somewhere in a configuration file but I ain’t a BizTalk expert (yet!).

The reason I was trying out the adapter is because we depend heavily on MSMQ on our current project. We wanted to do soap over msmq and use WS-Addressing but BTS is not really suited for this. Ofcourse it is possible to read the soap message from the message queue but you will have to do lots of things in orchestration to improve productivity. Our current (obvious) alternative is xml over msmq.

I am not satisfied with this so I’ll just have to dive in to BTS to see what is under the hood to make it do what I want and it that won’t work I’ll point a gun at it and make it dance for me 🙂

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