Sql performance and available cpu’s

By ramon
February 2, 2005

This is really a very good post about sql server’s performance. I didn’t realy knew why I had this behaviour a while back. I though the servers load wasn’t high enough. Didn’t really think of this IO optimization.

SQL Server Performance Top Tip: Multi Processor (SMP) Box Doesn’t Use All It’s Processors.

This immediately reminds me not to think I know a lot about sql server.

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  1. Patrick Wellink says:

    We had a situation like this…. and one processor would be up to 100% all the time….

    It became clear that parallel execution of the query caused the problem. It would give a TempDB error message and from then on the thread would push the processor to 100 %

    after disabeling parallel execution (setting query cost to 99999) plans this problem has gone away as wel as the tempDB errors…..

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