Belgium electronic id will be merged with MSN

By ramon
February 1, 2005

The Dutch ICT newswebsite WebWereld talks about the way chatrooms will be made safer for children. In the future chatrooms can only be accessed when you have a smartcard that allows checks like calculating the age of identities. These smartcards will handed out to all people older then 12 in Belgium before 2009. They also allow stuff like e-mail signing and other PKI like activitities. I’ve heard that it is also possible to use the smartcard for tax related things and that these most e-government applications are webbased to allow easy access for Belgium citizens.

In Holland alot of jokes are made about our southern friends but these thing are good initiatives! I hope this is a inspiration for a lot of other countries. Not only to make the internet safer but also to make e-government really work!

So if you can read Dutch then follow the like specified at the source.

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